There's something about the ocean where we always seem to find peace and an infinite feeling of love. Something about the warmth of the sea and sun, and the ease of floating in the water that we can't seem to get enough of.

Even only from its surface, we can easily imagine a whole new world and the grand beauty that it withholds. With his mysterious splendor and calming music, we can never underestimate its healing power that we can't live without.

NACRE, or " mother of pearl " in English, represents the aesthetic behind our philosophy. Symbolizing quality, purity and timelessness, among others. Without forgetting its origin, the Ocean.


"A place of pure relaxation, rest and tranquility"


The NACRE woman is strong: she is confident in who she is and knows that she is loved. She has an open heart with an infinite generosity. She never wants to stop discovering, learning and growing. She appreciates all kinds of beauty and stays true to herself. She can indifferently be a CEO, wife, mother or lover but she will always remain, thoroughly a woman. At ease, she dresses for herself. She as a sophisticated sense of style where elegance and simplicity is an ultimate form of care, in all circumstances. Wherever she goes, she will be remembered.

We believe that beauty comes from within and can be measured by how big the heart is. Women embody gracefulness, elegance and power when they show kindness and courage all at once.


The beginning of NACRE voyage, came to be when two sisters embarked on a journey together. Both women share a deep love for fashion, which they learned from their mother. In addition to their bond, Emmanuelle's studies in architecture and business, Catherine's fashion background in design and communications played a big role in this synergy. Although their characters are opposite, their values and perspective on life are somehow identical.

From a young age, their dream was to create something that they would both be passionate about. Their highest objective is to give women a sense of empowerment by wearing a piece from NACRE. To embrace their individual beauty and embody who they are: free, independent, sophisticated, timeless, and unique.