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Life is a series of experiences. Every experience in life, everything with which we have come in contact has been molding us, shaping us. Most of the time without noticing. At NACRE, we are strong believers that whatever we do or wherever we may be, everything is happening just the way it has been planned. And what is meant to be, will always find its way. Therefore, we are part of all we have encounter. All we have seen, heard, felt and experienced, was magically taking part of who we are now.


When we begin the process of creation, inspiration comes in all forms. Memories from our travel, people we’ve crossed, places and sceneries, objects, feelings, movies, all leading to a single vision. And then, the journey starts. Slowly the sketches of a new collection or perhaps a “storyboard” with colors, prints, fabrics, details, movement is beginning to see the light.

The most exciting feeling in the process is to imagine that one day, women all over the world, will somehow experience a sense of joy by wearing those final garments. 


Once all ideas have been gathered and a clear direction is establish, we start the pattern-making in the atelier. One of NACRE’s virtues is understanding the feminine silhouette and exploring all possibilities in order to please different shapes and sizes. With attention to detail, each garment is crafted primarily around the fit and feel. We will do as many rounds of fitting to achieve what we believe is the perfect fit for each body type.

The second most important thing, was the quality of fabric our pieces would be sewn in. Our desire was to offer not only the best, but the very best. For choosing a swimwear fabric, we have established four key aspects; the right balance between stretch and support, the softness of the hand feel, the way it reacts in water and how fast it will dry. Our swim fabric comes from an Italian mill where all prints are printed and colors dyed, especially for us. All of our linen is European and was carefully chosen for it’s beautiful weave and just the right degree of transparency and movement. As per our silk, after knowing its marvelous history, it could only come from today’s very best, Italy.


Originally discovered in China, silk was at first reserved only for royalty. Gradually, it became a popular luxury fabric among the Chinese culture because of its texture and luster. At the time, silk was considered even more precious than gold. The Chinese realized the value of the exquisite material they were producing and kept its secret from the rest of the world for more than three thousand years. It was only around CE 550 that the secret of silk-making reached Europe.

By the 13th century, Italy had gained dominance and entered the hall of fame in silk history. Even now, silk processed (finished, dyed, printed) in the province of Como enjoys an esteemed reputation. Thus, all of our silk comes and is being processed in that very same place.


Because all fabrics are custom printed and all solid colors are custom dyed, every print can match exactly its color associated. The idea is to offer a variation of coordinated looks for women to find everything they need going on a lovely getaway or maybe, simplifying the everyday life without compromising the desire to stay sophisticated.

With exclusive patterns and artwork drawn by Italian, Australian, and Parisian artists, all of them were designed to emphasize the feminine silhouette. In order to achieve this goal, each print had to be carefully scaled, printed, cut and sewn, one by one for every style. Making them unique. Subsequently, the NACRE style is built around the idea of freedom, as well as; purity of cut, handmade creations, exclusive designs, and richness of materials.